The retro fashion phenomenon is all about being comfy and vintage style.

By Aarushi Kakwani 

The world of fashion is known for reviving trends. Fashion trends change quickly, and the fashionistas across the world embrace the latest ones with all the love. While change is constant in the fashion world, another thing that steals the spotlight is the revival of trends.  Retailers and clothing brands are creating athleisure looks to help meet the daily demands of everyone in the family.

Wide leg jeans are the relaxed version of your usual skinny jeans. One apparel that can perhaps never go out of fashion is denim. Infact, jeans are a staple daily wear in every western closet. Wide-leg jeans are the same old thing, yet they look so classy and irresistible. Regardless of whether you shake them in full-length or edited structure, they'll own a noteworthy expression with a '90s edge. Wear them with heels, shoes, or whatever you'd like — they're comfortable and adaptable across the board.

High-waisted jeans are evergreen and these can be your best bet throughout the year. This style gives a well-adjusted outline, making it ultra-complimenting on pretty much every body type.
Sweet and classy, mom jeans are in vogue as these can be styled to suit pretty much any event or occasion. 
Flare pants are a striking denim style that looks incredible on each body type. Regardless of whether you're brandishing them for easy-going end of the week trips or blending them with a crisp white shirt for the workplace, flare pants infuse a bit of advanced, boho-chic element. To take these exemplary bottoms from day to night, accentuate your look with hoops. Quite complimenting, this style looks similarly as great with converse shoes as it does with a pullover and heels.

Dungarees are back! (Did they ever go out of fashion circuit at all?) This trend has been resurrected in multiple styles for a while now. Also called as "overalls", denim dungarees can amp up your fashion game without making any extra effort.

Track pants, ladies, needs no introduction, right?. They’ve been there forever -comfortable and casual without being sloppy, they aren’t a trend, they’re a lifestyle. These pants look incredibly fashionable both for easy-days and travel. The key subtleties of a sort of look are shoes, circles, crop top, and sweatshirt.

Bandanas styled over, around, and tied over the head were all the rage. Whether you're stoked or not, they're making an official comeback and the best part is that they are unisex. Harry Styles from the band One Direction was seen wearing bandanas a lot in the tour for their album Take Me Home. And members of the popular Korean band BTS are also seen wearing them.

Bucket Hat - these 2000s-inspired hats that managed to beat out beanies ten to one on the streets. These hats come in really handy during summers - not only they give out a cool vibe but also helps in protecting from the sun. It's a must-have in any wardrobe.