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The British Brigade

Inspired by British fashion, Oceedee launches its all new work wear collection. The entire range, from the mule sandal to pointed pumps and block heels, reflect an unconstrained comfort in a design that is classy yet understated, stylish yet substantial! With this unveiling, the footwear range intends to cater to women who harness the power of femininity and make their own rules.

The range comprises of a lot of layering and dark colours, and has a mix of overlay with a colour palette of black, tan, blue and beige. The collection blends premium materials, world-class design and attentive workmanship.

Oceedee shoes are handcrafted, using the age-old techniques; passed down from generations of artisan shoemakers. Each shoe is meticulously crafted using the fine leather sourced from India combining the beautiful sole, which is hand cut to attain perfection.

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