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How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer

As the scorching summer heat arrives, along follows the hat season. Whether it be devout race goers enjoying a day at the races, wedding guests revelling in the sunshine, or a summer soirée with friends; the vast array of millinery on show is always rife in the summer months. However, avoiding hat hair is also top of the agenda when it comes to planning your look for events. Celebrity hair stylist Asgar Saboo gives his expert take on avoiding the dreaded kinky, frizz that comes with hat hair, as he gives a rundown on how to style a range of different hair types this summer.

Straight Hair
Straight hair style is a simple yet effective way to exhibit your luscious locks under a vibrant hat. Admittedly those with straight hair have it the easiest, as they already have the ideal texture. Using a comb, centre part your hair and remove any kinks with straighteners. Simply wear down or create a low pony tail using a mixed bristle cushion brush. Finally, apply smooth anti-fizz product to wet hair before styling to eliminate any frizz.  

The Low Bun
This look allows you to make a statement whilst simultaneously oozing elegance and sophistication.  
Create a zigzag part from the front of your hairline that extends to the middle of your scalp, using a rattail comb. This is best on unwashed hair. Apply a mattifying gel to slick back your hair. Comb your hair back into a tight low ponytail for a sleek summer ‘do.

Curly Hair
Embrace your natural curls this summer by using Frizz Ease styling foam to create natural movement to the hair. Upon removing your hat, run your fingers through your locks, lifting the hair from the root. Alternatively, texturizing spray is also an adequate tool to help maintain volume.

Shoulder Length Hair
For shoulder-length hair, a traditional blow dry is recommended, or in the aim of adding some flow and movement -  opt for hair straighteners to create a flat wave. This can be done by clamping sections of the hair and creating the letter ‘S’. For added texture, a little salt spray goes a long way.

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