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Think Wig!

Want an instant image makeover? Pick a wig that suits your style and make heads turn…
Thanks to the celebrity crowd, wigs have finally made their move from hush-hush closets to the high streets of fashion—they are still not talked about that much, but are clear winners for giving your image a glamorous makeover without touching a hair! Virtually every star worth her mane, from Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, does it — slipping from a blunt and bob one day to long bouncy locks on another.
“Because fashion changes so quickly these days, wigs are not only the easiest but the only way of staying up with the trends,” says expert Bollywood hair stylist Dorris of Bharat and Dorris. “From film-stars to college students and even home-makers, are turning to wigs, especially hair pieces and wefts, to give their hair length, volume and fullness in seconds.”
“Wigs were always in demand. However, from being most sought after by people with hair loss, among them movie stars and cancer and alopecia patients, they have become a mainstream fashion accessory, bought by just about anyone looking for a hep image change,” says Pankaj Bhupatkar, the owner of Mumbai-based Rajkamal Wigs and Hair. “Sales for hair extension alone have risen by almost 30-40 per cent.” Bhaputkar’s store caters to clients globally — the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Mozambique, Angola, China, Senegal…
Though wigs date back to ancient Egyptian times, they came into their own only after being patronized by the Greeks and later by the Italians amidst the decadence of the Roman Empire. Later in the 1500s shaving your head and wearing a hair piece came to be recognized as the dandiest way of delousing. Finally, when Elizabeth I and Charles II admitted the wig into their wardrobes, its place in history was secured.
Despite its royal associations, in many minds a wig is still a toupee put on to mask prematurely receding hairlines. “If instead you think of a wig as a fashion or fun article, then the sky is the limit,” says Pankaj. “You can go from short to long, straight to curly, blond to redhead, as and when you please, so long as you are sure that it makes the cut with your looks.”
“Before selecting a wig, it is important for you to know your face. Stand before a mirror, look straight ahead and ask yourself: which of the following words, round, triangular, oval, diamond, rectangular or square, best describes my face? After you have made your decision go ahead and get yourself a wig,” explains Pankaj, “a wig that best suits the shape of your face.”
Fashion buyers are usually open to hair colour changes in wigs and hair extensions. “Colour is a very personal thing. However, the colour of your eyes is often a good guide to what will work with you. For instance, red head and blue eyes is a deadly combination, with the shade of the red being determined by the tone of your skin—the darker the skin the deeper the red. “Bright is right for light            skins and auburns for the dusky,” says Pankaj. Similarly, dramatic contrasts work beautifully, for   example jet black hair for a pale complexion.
For almost last 100 years,wigs have primarily been an accessory of necessity. “Call it a hazard of their profession, celebrities need a different look for virtually every movie and social function and for them, therefore, wigs are not as much a matter of choice as of necessity,” says Dorris. “Depending on dress and occasion, they can change their looks in a jiffy without causing any damage to hair.”
Agrees Sunidhi Sharma, a Delhi-based model who claims the wig’s revival is a blessing for anyone in the glamour industry. “Wigs are like any other fashion accessory; it can be changed as easily as a pair of shoes. Moreover, even wigs made of animal or synthetic fibre now look as good as real. In fact, sometimes synthetic actually scores over human-hair wigs because it is lighter and offers better hold. The cap styles are so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to tell the difference, down to the feel and the partings.” So, the next time you are going ga ga over a lady’s hair, look closely…between the lines!

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