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Pack your quilts the right way!

With Spring setting in, it's time to let your quilts and winter blankets hibernate until we need them during next winters. But the life of your winter blankets and quilts depends largely on how you store and preserve as each of them needs special care depending on its fabric, age and condition.

Handy Tips On Quilt and Blanket Storage

  • Before you tuck away your winter blankets make sure they are clean or dry cleaned depending on what the "instructions" label reads. Wash them at home "only" if instructions allow.
  • Even after dry cleaning make sure the blanket is not damp. Let it breathe in open air for all the moisture to dry. Moisture damages winter blankets the most. 
  • If you want blankets to stay in good shape, roll it up neatly and tie with an old belt or cord. 
  • And if it has some embellishments/embroideries, pad it with a cotton sheet with decorative side facing outwards. But for silk quilts, cover them with plastic bags. 
  • If you storing them in lofts, use small pouches of silica gel to absorb moisture, if any. 
  • If you have dearth of space in closet, pack them in vacuum storage bags and stack them one above another. 
  • Invest in a cedar chest for storing winter quilts if possible. 
  • Avoid storing winter blankets in basement or garage as they develop a moldy smell. 
  • Add lavender sachets and mothballs to avoid insect/pest attack. 
*Have more tips on your mind? Please share :) 

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